Turnkey Projects

If you’re like the rest of our customers, we know your desk is already covered with paperwork to sign, invoices to process and radios buzzing for assistance. That’s why we offer complete turnkey solutions to all of our clients, where we can handle every step of your repair or custom project need, from supply sourcing and installation, to labor recruitment, hazard testing, and more.


Turnkey Solutions for Ships and Yachts

Our team has 30 years of experience in a wide range of marine vessel repairs and engineering support services, from structural repairs and custom fabrications to electrical systems and equipment.

With a turnkey solution from Maritime Diesel Electric, our team of professionals handles every aspect of your repair or custom project from start to finish. We pride ourselves on a detail-oriented and cost-conscious approach to every client’s project.

Our Turnkey Projects include:

Warranty repair partner for OEMs
 Full system refits
Machinery installations
Desalination and other water systems
External structures
New mechanical and electrical integrations
HVAC and air handling
And more. Contact us for a custom proposal.


Why Use a Turnkey Solution?

  • Cost savings. Centralizing all the work for one projects allows us to achieve economies of scale with resources that would be lost by using multiple service providers.
  • Time saving. Our clients receive a complete, fully functional solution without having to handle complex integrated tasks.
  • Simplified communication. Working with Maritime Diesel Electric on a turnkey solution allows you to have one point of contact and a single billing source for your projects rather than managing multiple vendors.
  • Quality control. Right from the start, we can set the quality standard for your project and maintain that level throughout every step. Using multiple different companies not only produces varying levels of quality, it often results in setbacks or delays due to communication or compatibility issues.

Let Maritime Diesel Electric solve your challenge today.