By working with Gefico systems, we can make it possible for yachts and boats of all sizes to have efficient and reliable secondary fresh water solutions previously only seen in larger vessels.

Gefico Solutions from Maritime Diesel Electric

Fresh Water Generators for Yachts and Ships

These unique generators work with any heating waste (hot water, steam, thermal oil, etc) to produce high quality distillate water, increasing the energetic efficiency of the installation.

Water Treatment

We can solve any of your water treatment needs, including rehardening filters for water mineralization and pH adjustment, sterilization systems for drinking water, dosing units for seawater, and antifouling systems..

Watermakers for Yachts and Ships

Gefico watermakers use the principles of reverse osmosis to capitalize on efficiency and low energy. In these systems, raw water is pressurized through a semipermeable membrane only allowing the flow of fresh water.

Heat Exchangers

Gefico specializes in shell & tube heat exchangers that are maintenance-friendly and robust. They use tested corrosion-resistant materials lauded for their technical and ecological benefits.


Which Gefico solution is right for you?

Whether you are working with a commercial vessel, passenger ship, or private superyacht, each project needs a solution tailored to its specific performance needs. Our team will work hand in hand with your engineers and crew to implement your project with precision and efficiency.

Let Maritime Diesel Electric solve your challenge today.