Mar-in Controls

For over 25 years Mar-In Controls B.V. has been supplying leading edge control equipment to the marine and industrial markets. From viscosity control and flow measurement equipment to fully customized skid-mounted fuel supply booster modules, our vast knowledge and experience have provided our customers with an unmatched technological and cost effective solution.


Flow Measuring Systems

Mar-In Controls B.V. offers a wide range of standardized ring piston, vane type and MAG flowmeters and water meters for marine and industrial applications. With practically constant measuring precision over a wide range of oil viscosities and a measuring tolerance of approximately 1% or 0.5% (depending on the model), these meters allows for the best possible monitoring of consumption. For an even more precise measurement of the amount of fuel used, the Flowmeters can be delivered with an electronic flow computer, improving read-outs to an overall high precision.


Viscocity Measurement

The Viscotrol designed by Mar-In Controls B.V. is a heavy duty on line viscosity meter used to measure and control the viscosity of low-grade and intermediate heavy fuel oils with the highest possible degree of precision and accuracy. The system is based on a gear-type metering pump which withdraws fuel samples from the main stream and propels it continuously through a Capillary, creating a laminar flow. The measured pressure drop across the Capillary is proportional to the absolute viscosity in mPas.


Soft Switch

The Mar-In Controls Soft Switch is a well engineered system, whereby the 3-way valve installed down-stream the H.F.O. and gasoil day tanks is automatically controlled to prevent temperature shock at the injection pump/s and too low viscosity of the warmed up gasoil.

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