Semi-Automated Precision Machining

SemiAutomated machining is a process or procedure that is performed by the combined activities of man and machine with both human and machine steps typically orchestrated by a centralized computer controller.  The manual operations of the process we implement is to manually finish the parts and inspection of each of them after each machine process at every single stage for quality control.

We know that you cannot afford to receive a part that does not have the right fit, by implementing our inspection process on each stage of the machining process we avoid any mistakes before you receive your parts. To fabricate your parts we can accept and read CAD files, sketches, and we will process each step to create an accurate result.

  • Knuth ServoMill UWF 5 Universal Milling Machine
  • Metalmaq 3 VKH Milling Machine
  • Morey 2 CNC Milling Machine
  • Chevalier 2 Axis CNC Milling Machine
  • Summit Lathe 16×60
  • Summit Lathe 16×40
  • Summit Lathe 20×120
  • Kent Lathe RML 1640T
  • York Line Boring Machine

Our special selection of equipment and auxiliary tooling allows our machining processes to be efficient and  exact to your specifications.